Best Free iPhone Apps

iPhone, from Apple, is one of the most widely used smartphones. It has been an online sensation for years. Among it’s many useful features are Siri (a personal assistant) and many more.


Digital Image Processing is not an easy task and not very resource friendly either. But Adobe has launched a perfect solution for that in the name of Adobe Photoshop Express. This App lets you edit your photos on the fly using nothing but your iPhone. Try it today because it is Free., if you don’t already know; sells stuff, a lot of stuff. This App lets you, not only buy stuff from Amazon but also, compare prices thanks to its barcode reader. Just take a snap of a product and see if the same is available at Amazon for less.

Evernote is a note taking application for professionals, students, as well as any other person. This Apps lets you take notes on the go and sync those notes with your PC at work or your laptop in the kitchen. It is by far the best Note Taking App ever and best of all, it is free.

No list can be complete without mentioning Cloud Storage and when it comes to cloud storage one name comes on top of all other and it is Dropbox. Dropbox offers 2GB free storage and offers an array of technologies (PC, Android, iOS, etc) to utilise the storage on the cloud. Its iPhone app is a must have in any case.


Who doesn’t want to keep him/her self up to date with the most current news from around the world and what’s better than a news agency that has correspondents in every corner of the world. BBC News App for iPhone lets you do just that and the best part is it is free.

News cover everything from politics to global pollution but if you are interested in only knowing about the latest scores or how your favorite team is doing, this App is for you.

The Weather Channel App for iPhone has the most up to date weather report for you. You can check the weather anytime and get the most accurate and timely weather report. It is Free but does contain a few advertisements.


Google, the search giant, has a native app for iPhone. This app lets you search by even using voice which make searching easier when you are on the go.

Bing is the Search Engine from Microsoft and is second to only Google when it comes to searching the web. Bing has its own native app for iPhone that allows you to go and search for anything right from your phone.


Facebook is a social network used by millions. It is, by far, the largest social networking site. One way of interacting, or should I say the most fun way, is to use Facebook on your iPhone. The Facebook App for iPhone is an excellent App which lets you connect with your friends on the go.

Google+ is a social network by Google. It is very young as compared to the social giant Facebook but when it comes to making awesome Apps for mobile phone, Google is not behind any one. Google+ App for iPhone is a must have if you feel you should be Social.

Twitter is an awesome microblogging service used by millions. Up until recently, the company did not make its own App but rather depended on third party Apps. Twitter App for iPhone is an excellent tool for anyone who is “Social”. And the best part is, it is Free.

Skype, recently bought by Microsoft, lets you make calls on over the Internet using VoIP. You can make voice as well as video calls using data network provided by your operator or using any Wifi. The Skype App for iPhone is must have have if you want to make voice and video calls for free (skype to skype only).

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