Job Interview Tips

While your resume lists your skills and qualifications, how you conduct yourself in the interview is the deciding factor whether you get the job or not. Like an individual in the sales profession, you are selling yourself to people you have just met. To make the interview as effective as possible, you must prepare yourself by using the following tips.


Learn as much as you can about the company. Understand the job description and skills and qualifications needed for the job. By knowing these you can compare the skills of your current job with this new position and demonstrate how they tie in together.


Think of possible questions your interviewer may ask. Write down answers to each question. Talk in front of a mirror and watch your facial expressions. This way you can watch for signs of doubt and adjust your actions.

Evaluate Past Interviews.

If you recently had an interview for another job, this can help you get this position. First of all, list what went good during that interview. Then evaluate what could have been better. Maybe there were some questions that were hard to answer. Think about those questions and practice answering them.

Dress Appropriately.

Pretend that you have the job already and know what the dress code is. Wear similar attire to the interview. For example, if the job requires a suit and tie, wear these and not jeans and a T-shirt.

Be On Time.

When you find out where the interview is going to take place, see how long it will take you to get there. Add an additional fifteen minutes to the commute. It is better to be early. Your future employer will see that as a commitment to you career.

Show Confidence.

By practicing and planning ahead of time for the interview, you will feel more comfortable during the interview. However, it is natural to feel nervous. Practice little tricks to help you stay calm. One trick is taking deep breaths to help you relax. Another trick is to visualize kicking yourself when you feel nervous. Always remember to keep eye contact with the interviewer.

If Unsure, Ask.

If the interviewer asks a complicated question, do not be afraid to ask for clarification. By trying to second guess what the interviewer is asking, you may waste time giving him unnecessary information. By having him restate a question, shows the interviewer that you are a careful listener.

Keep Things Positive.

It is best not to show any negative feelings about past job experiences. For example, if you are looking for a job because of personality conflicts in your current place of employment, do not express this. The interviewer may see this as a negative attitude. It is better to state that you are looking for a change.

Show Interest of the Company

Ask questions and have the interviewer share information about the company. Ask about long-term objectives, problems and issues the company is facing, and changes the organization may face in the future. The interviewer, as long as the information is not confidential, will be willing to share this.
Good luck during your interview.

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