How to Increase Network Security on Windows XP

How to Increase Network Security on Windows XP

The problem with windows XP is when one sets up a network by default settings all shared folders and printers are not password protected; so any computer connected to the network can see all shared items. This is not good if you do not want your kids, friends, or who ever to see your files when they bring over their laptops. The change of settings is very easy all one has to do is set a password for the Guest account.

Once the password is set you can tell your other computers the password when they try to connect and if you want you can tell the accessing computer to remember the other computer’s password. Setting the password makes it much harder for those that share your network to get into your computer unless they know or can guess your password. It is easy to reset or change the password if needed.

To make the required changes see the following screen shots and instructions:

1. You need to get to the “Administrative Tools”. One can get there by going to the “Control Panel” so click on “Start” then click on “Control Panel”.

2. Once in the “Control Panel” double click on “Administrative Tools”. Note: I use the Classic View for the Control Panel.

3. Once in the “Administrative Tools” double click on “Computer Management”.

4. Once in “Computer Management” click on the plus sign in front of “Local Users and Groups” then click on the “Users” folder. You now should see the screen below.

5. Then right click on “Guest” and select “Set Password”.

6. Now you should see the following warning pop up box just select proceed after reading the warning. Please note if you are using you “Guest” account you will most likely see the issues listed in the warning so you may not wish to set a password with out backing up important data.

7. Then after entering your new password and confirming your new password select “OK”. Make sure you remember you password write it down if needed and store it in a safe place.

8. You then can close out by selecting the red “X” at the top right hand corner of the window or screen.

You can use your newly pass-worded shared folders as usual but you will have to enter the password to connect. Note: Passwords will not take affect until after a connected computer restarts or the users logs off and back on to windows.

The pop up box will look close to the box shown below. The box shown below is a pop up box that will let you tell a computer to remember the password so you do not have to enter the password every time. The pop up boxes that do not have the option may require you to enter the User Name which is “Guest”.

If you have the shared folders mapped and you want your computer to remember the password go into “My Network Places” and select “View workgroup computers” and double click on the computer’s Icon that you want your computer to remember the password for and you should see a box like the one above where you can put a check mark in the little box in front of “Remember my password”. Note: If you are all ready connected that computer you will not get the popup to come up you will just go into that computer; just log off and log back into windows or restart the computer and try again. If the popup box does not come that computer does not have a password or your computer all ready was set to remember the password.


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