5 MakeUp Apps For The Girl Boss

Girls are naturally made to look good, and they should. The average girl spends lots of time in front of the mirror each day polishing her face to make sure she is looking beautiful. And when they are on a date, then there is chaos/disaster. They will check themselves from head to toe over and over to make sure they are looking good. You know what I’m talking about.
In a girl’s purse or handbag, you will find different types of makeup kits or tools as I prefer to call them: mirror, lip gloss, etc . They carry all these tools along so they can repair/revamp/refresh their faces everywhere they find themselves to maintain the good looks.
Nowadays, make up has gone high tech. It’s been made easier than before. There are a collection of makeup apps that will help you master makeup like a pro/artist. Below are 5 of them that will help you makeup like a girl boss.
Modiface takes makeup to a new level. It’s more or less like a virtual makeup application that shows you how you will look when you use/apply a certain type of makeup. Modiface comes with state-of-the-art cosmetic colors, makeup simulation and makeover effect and shades which you can try. Want to try your favourite celebrity hairstyle? Don’t worry, there are over 40 different celebrity hairstyles which you can try to see which fits you best. That’s not all, you can add accessories like sunglasses, earrings, jewels, and much more!
How, you ask? First, snap a photo or choose a photo from the gallery. Then, choose your favourite makeup products from our huge database. Once you have found the perfect colour combination, save it to your gallery and share with your friends! Or better still make it your profile photo on social media. It’s a virtual makeup artist in your pocket!
YouCam is a stylish makeover and hairstyle app for girls with which you can create/try makeup looks, hairstyles and change hair colour instantly. It allow you to change makeups of your photos or try makeup in real time with the live Makeup Cam with a collection of hundreds of makeup & beauty looks that you can apply in real life. It also includes flawless skin and face editors for your skin tones and tansto make you skin look like it were when you were born.
Stay stylish with makeup tips and tutorials using the best makeup apps and luxury fashion guide. Or Record a Makeover Mashup Video of yourself, simply try on a series of makeup looks automatically and record them in a short video.
Makeup Tutorial like the name suggests is a simple guide to mastering different types of face makeups based on current trends. The easy to follow makeup feeds you with the tips, tricks and insights on different makeups including permanent makeup, cosmetic, bridal makeup, best lips makeup and more.
Another makeup tutorial app but this time in a video form so you can see clearly how it’s done.
Finally ladies, the days of carrying mirror in your purse or handbag are over. You smartphone can function as a mirror for you. Mirror makes your phone function as a smart make-up Mirror! No need to carry a mirror anymore!. Be ready for touch-ups everywhere you go!


They say beauty lies in the hands of the beholder but makeups can make you more beautiful if you’re good at it. If you’re as bad as that friend of yours, then you need to learn how to else… The five makeup apps above will help you choose the right shades and make your makeup life easier. What other makeup apps do you use? Are they listed here?

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