Best Torrent sites 2021 for Games, Music, Ebooks, Movies, TV series

Torrents are the way to download everything either it’s pirated or not. You will get each and everything on Torrent.
There are some best torrent sites to download games, movies, books, ani,e. TV shows etc using any torrent client. A torrent file is different than other file types. A torrent file is ended with the extension .torrent and, you need a torrent site to download the torrent file, then you will need to use any torrent client, such as BitTorrent to download the content of the torrent file.
Though there are tons of torrent sites, I am going to write about the best torrents sites for 2018. You can download anything with a decent speed from the sites i have mentioned below.
If you ask anyone, who uses torrent that what is the best torrent site? I am pretty sure he/she will reply that “The Pirate Bay”. I think the name says it all. Pirated everything is available on the site. You just need to search, what you are looking for.
Back in 2003, in Sweden, the pirate bay was developed by Fredrik Neij, Peter Sunde, and Gottfrid Svartholm. More than 100 million people use TPB to download their favorite pirated content. Then, what you are waiting for? Start using The pirate bay and become a pirate :p
If you are looking for box office movies and TV shows, this site could be the best option for you. Though, software and games are also available on this torrent site. This is a simply designed Bulgarian torrent site, but, now, it’s used by the pirates from all over the world. You just visit the site, search for your content and enjoy.
133x is also one of the most renowned torrent sites with every sort of content.
You can download games, music, movies, TV shows, and many more. You can browse the trending category to find out the most popular torrents of 133x.
It has a great collection of Games, specially latest & popular games will be available on this site. Just search for the game & download from 1337x.
Who doesn’t love to have all type of content available with thousands of seeders? Like me, you and everyone love so.
Torrent Funk is the place where you can go without any doubt. Just search for whatever you want and download the file. Or, you can also browse via categories to find new uploads. On the other hand, verified torrents will help you to avoid fake torrents and you can download everything faster.
ISO Hunt is also a popular torrent search engine with thousands of torrents. They have everything you need. From ebook to software.
They are very old and trusted torrent site. You can download everything with a great speed as the seeders are higher.
This is a hugely popular and speedy torrent search engine and their collection is pretty bigger and latest.
Some old movies are missing but you can get all latest movies, games, applications on Sky Torrent. Just search whatever you need and then download. It’s so simple.
This is a gold mine for the game lovers, who wanna download large game files via torrent.
Sumo Torrent is also pretty popular for Games, Movies & Music. There are verified torrents available on the site. So, you may not find fake torrents.
You will also get TV series, Anime, Applications, etc on Sumo torrent. There are hundreds of seeders available all the time. So, you can download whenever you want. Whatever you want.
This is the most favourite place to download latest & popular games for PC, Android & MAC. Trust me, you are gonna love them.
This is another most popular and a torrent site for real torrents. Why I said real? Because there is no place for fake torrents on the site. They are very strict about fake torrents. They will reward you $1, if you can find a fake torrent.
Torlock is an enriched torrent site with everything, from ebooks to movies, games, and software. Thousands of people are sedding torrents, so, you will get good speed depending on your ISP.
This is another best torrent site with millions of content such as game, software, movies, TV shows, etc. This torrent site was started back in 2008, but, earned so fame and became so bigger earlier than others, if compared.
The only problem you may face while using this torrent site is, when you will try to download something the seeders number will be very less. Except for this one, everything is fine with this torrent site.
This site is growing day by day. The numbers of users are growing rapidly. With all sorts of content, extratorrent is competing with popular torrent sites.
Whenever, you want to download pirated content, just go to Extratorrent, search and start downloading. All-time thousands of members are seeding torrents, so, you won’t have to worry about the speed.
Wanna you download a movie? or, a game? or, a software ? in full speed? Then, Kickasstorrents is the best torrent site you can go for.
Every type of pirated content is available on the site. And, trust me, it’s so popular torrent site.
Limetorrents is also becoming so popular among the people. Because, they have tons of content to provide.
Users are increasing and the number of seeders is also increasing. So, you can happily visit limetorrents for your need.
There are 61 millions of Torrents available on Torrentz2. Just search for your favourite content and download the file.
You can also visit myTorrentz section to find lastest searches and torrents. There ar a handsome amount of seeders available. So, you haven’t need to worry about download speed.

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