3 Sure Fire Ways To Grow Your Business

3 Sure Fire Ways To Grow Your Business

There are two success secrets to growing a financially rewarding and emotionally satisfying business. The first secret is consistency and the second secret is knowing what to do. The truth is you don’t need a lot of money to grow your business. You can grow your business low cost to no cost.

Learning how to grow your business can be simple and fun. First you want to uncover hidden profit centers and transform then into income streams. Second, you want to give people a reason to remember you. And third, you want to have a marketing system that works for you. Let me show you quickly how to grow your business.

1. Uncover Hidden Profit Centers and Turn Them into Income Streams

In order to grow your business, you will want to address how you generate income in your business. Being entrepreneurs, we rarely sit down and take the time to figure out HOW the money flows to us. Now is a good time to change gears and have a CLEAR understanding of channels for cash flow and how to improve them. Here are 5 things you can do to grow your business:

– Develop alternative streams of income for your business – if you only provide a service, NOW is a good time to create a product based upon the knowledge you already have.

– If you currently sell products – add a service to grow your business.

– Spread your eggs into more than one basket. Look at the possibility of expanding the business you already have into other areas your passionate about. For example, my client who is a ‘diet nutritionist and coach’ works with women who want to eat without guilt. As we talked I found out she loves to travel and her husband is from France. So, they are planning to expand the business by hosting high-end luxury escorted trips to France. And that’s just a start..

– Increase your value so you can look at how you can increase your prices on your products and services. This way your dollar value per client becomes higher than it currently is.

– To grow your business, find a way income can recur each month. The uncovered profit is in the way you charge for your services and or products. What product and or service can you bundle or can you create a membership site?

2. To Have Top of Mind Awareness in Your Business You Need A System

In order to grow your business with ease, it’s critical to put systems in place to keep top of mind awareness. Remember to include your past clients, prospects, and everyday business contacts.

My golden rule in business is to always give everyone a reason to remember you. Even with the problem facing so many of us today …we are in a world where we are overwhelmed with marketing messages and our attention is fragmented so it is harder than ever to get people to remember you. That is why I say again, to grow your business, you must have a SYSTEM to give people a reason to remember you. Here are 3 systems I use:

– Send Out Cards is quick easy and personalized.

– Send out an electronic newsletter regularly to my client list. Always include great information. They’ll be eager to hear from you.

– Use a warm personalized letter to update your customers and clients. Let them know what’s new on the horizon.

3. Have a Marketing SYSTEM that Works.

Make sure you have in place a well thought out marketing SYSTEM. With the marketing makeovers I have, the one thing that is missing is a marketing SYSTEM in place. The problem with not having a system is you are subject to your connections forgetting you. And that’s a SAD thing, because of all the work you’ve done to make a connection with them. To grow your business, here are 4 things that need to be in place in your system that:

– Magnetically ATTRACTS prospects to you

– Allows you to develop a personal relationship

– Supports creating trust with them

– Allows prospects to reselect you to work with them (ditch having to chase down clients)

With such a system, your business growth is certain which makes your future certain. You’ll be working easier than you ever have before.

Put these three sure fire ways to grow your business to work for you and you’ll be on your way to getting new clients, making more money and having more freedom to enjoy it all. I promise!

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