5 killer tips to getting more money out of Google Adwords

If you have heard of Google Adwords (pay-per-click advertising system each time), then you know it is capable of side-by-side broke, bankrupt billionaire burns.

But what factors are divided? If you want to take advantage of terrible power, is one of the most effective means of advertising online world, and in the process, to avoid losing your shirt, please read on …

With Google Adwords is all about ROI – Return on Investment. You spend money to make money, how to invest in stocks. The good news is that if you’re smart, and in accordance with the right advice, you can pay a few dollars to 50 or 60. Now, this is an investment, and I want to continue doing everyday, here 5 tips to make you a murderer returning your money on AdWords (even if you are a true beginner) …

1. Be sure to use keywords in your ads strongly and landing pages

This means that in the ad title and ad description, display URL and the title of the target page, meta description in your landing page and in the text of your landing page. This will give a rating of good quality, and reduce the cost per click for the keyword, therefore, opens its profit margins.

2. Explore cheap clicks from the content network

You may have seen others on the right side of the page Google advertising? Well, this is another form of PPC advertising, anyone can turn PPC activities. All you need to do is select the “Content Network” and choose their locations (like your ad to run on the type of site). Google automatically displays a high traffic site, you give the keyword, so when you start running your ads on these sites, there is a high relevence. Beautiful content network, you can get the same ads in a very funny and with a lower cost per click in your normal activities. Again, this will open your potential profit margins and reduce the balance of payments, or even become negative risk!

3. First, have higher CPC

This is something that many PPC advertisers overlook, is very effective, according to the radar method to increase long-term profits. How? When you start with a higher cost per click, the higher your ad ad listings. Therefore, more and more people to click on your ad, this rate improved clickthough. Clicking fare increase, so do not check returned. Increase your level of quality, cost per click below!

4. Often, the separation test with A / B

Quality level (and subsequent cost per click) Start your ad is clicked a number of times. More importantly, if your ad is not clicked, more likely, then you have to go to a lot of money on the table, because no one will come to their offering. Therefore, in order to improve their ads CTR, splity should try different ad variations. Google has a simple division integrated test function lets you easily set the same number of keyword ads, and from there, you can see the ads have more clicks. Then simply lower advertising and start a new test to gain publicity.

5. Sharpen your landing pages
More keywords in the landing page visitors to find your ad, click on it, and come to your page, the better. Put yourself in their shoes visitors …

If Google search white tennis shoes, white tennis shoes, then you see an ad, you can click on it, right?

However, clicking on the ads to get to the site the first thing you see is “sports team, select a category.” Then, you have to click fast right? However, if you see white tennis shoes, please choose the size of the shoes, and then press Enter “, and then in his hands and has a potential sales page landing. Very simple, right ?

The fact is that you have in some of the work to create several different landing pages keywords, but the difference between the yield of bankruptcy and stressed that he died in the line of mint welcoming process itself.

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