Goal Setting is Essential for Small and Large Businesses Alike

Goal setting and planning are not just for the independent contractor but for small and large business entities as well. Companies should have a solid Mission Statement along with written goals and objectives. These of course are instrumental in the success of any business. This is not only beneficial to the Company but employees as well to maintain a balance.

Some of the most profitable companies are susceptible to failure. There will always be competition. We need to always be aware and proactive to constant change for continued growth. We have seen many companies fail after years in the business. One of the main reasons for their failure was the ability to change with the times. Setting goals and planning ahead will keep us to the forefront.

Many of us might not want to admit it, but we will find all kinds of excuses to avoid goal setting and planning for the future. Keep in mind that this adage holds true. “To fail to plan is to plan to fail”. Here are several so-called excuses that I’ve heard and encountered over the years.

I am hard working and disciplined and know what needs to be done. This might be true but just thinking what needs to be done, will continue to set you on a path in a backwards direction. This thought process, however positive, won’t be good enough. What might work one year does not mean it will work in the future. Always plan ahead and be prepared. Make a group effort today for tomorrow’s success.

There are written goals and there are written goals. In other words, goals do not exist in thoughts only. They must be in writing. Talking to your employees about the plan for the company’s success will have no value to the employee. Providing your employees with visual goals will spark their interest even more for their future and the company’s.

I write my goals down and then place them in the top draw of my desk. There is more to goal setting and planning than just writing them down. You have to be proactive and implement, supervise and coordinate your plan or it will not work. Do you think Bill Gates, Warren Buffet or Donald Trump set and planned their success?

Reviewing my goals once or twice a year should be sufficient. Reviewing your goals too frequently is only going to have a more positive effect. With the constant changing of the economy and the challenges we face almost daily, will require readdressing your goals and plans regularly for the future. This acclimatization will almost reassure the life of the company.

We must constantly adjust our goals to determine if increased production is approached in a timely manner or if a reduction in sales or staff is more realistic. If we don’t take these approaches cautiously, we could be in a financial crisis along with the economy or even in a strong economy. We will always be in a better position knowing the “storm” is coming rather than waiting until after it arrives.

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