Golf Swing Tips for Beginners

As a golf beginner, you know how frustrating it is to win the sport, to the point that you don’t want to use your golf clubs anymore. Indeed it is, especially for amateurs.

Nonetheless, this doesn’t make golf a sport for gifted athletes only. If it’s indeed true, then golf would have ceased to exist due to the scarcity of players. The sport is actually for everyone to play and test their sportsmanship. You need to learn an array of techniques so that you can win every round. It’s not too difficult. You can begin by using these tried-and-proven methods.

1) First question to be asked: How many times do you play golf? Success lies on how many hours you devote yourself on the green. There’s no way to get around this. You do a trial-and-error in every hit you make. The more balls you successfully launched in mid-air, the higher the chance for you to transition from amateur to novice.

True golfers don’t take a break for long before competing in a tour. They continuously hone their skill sets in various golf courses they could find. A lot of hours are spent in practicing and polishing their skills. There is no need to spend big money just to improve your golfing powers.

Rich golf courses are very nice even if you have to pay $200 to $1000 per round. There is nothing wrong with this. However, if you belong to the 90% of golfers — those who belong in the average or middle ranged income — spending on such expensive grounds is unwise.

So you resort to executing phantom swings (i.e. no actual golf balls in the scene) at home because you’re not rich? No. There are affordable golf courses around where you can practice. Of course, those places may be located outside your neighborhood and you may need to spend more time to get there.

However, once you get yourself on a golf course you can actually pay and play the game; then you hit the jackpot! So heed this advice: hunt down the cheapest golfing venue you can find and start playing.

2) Are you having issues in hooking your golf ball? If you are, don’t despair. This is one of the most common technical problems that almost all golfers encounter. Even seasoned players still have to contend with hooking their balls.

To solve this, just change your body position prior to hitting the ball. Line up your feet with a space between them about a shoulder-width apart. This way, the nearest foot is one and one-half feet away from the golf ball. Fix your gaze on the ball and then rotate your body to the right.

Check your arms. Your left must cross over your chest while your right is positioned at 90 degrees. Swing your club down. Let your instrument hit the ball from the right. If you did it well, the tip of your club should be end up almost in the same area as it was before you do the downswing.

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